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Word Processing
Cardol Data Systems provides word processing services ranging from simple single page documents to full pre-press work for large catalogs and directories.
Word Processing Services include...
  • Small Documents of Any Type
    Often, it's not worth while spending hours upon hours becoming proficient with word processing software when the volume of documents required is relatively low.
    We can provide a cost effective solution for even small or simple documents.
  • Data Merge Documents
    Using automation, we can programmatically create documents with embedded data elements with more capability and flexibility than typically "mail merges".
  • Pre-Press Design
    We provide concept and pre-press design services to create documents in preparation for the printing process. Most of our work involves data-driven documents such as directories, catalogs and price books but we also handle smaller jobs such as pamphlets and newsletters.

Cardol Data Systems Inc. P.O. Box 58, Hampton, ON, Canada L0B