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Key Features
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Key Features
Features Summary
  • Five Powerful Search Engines in One Place
    The Parts Wizard has five Search Engines for five different kinds of lookups - Search by Model, Search by Picture, Search by Traits, Search by Keywords and the NEW Custom Selection Criteria Search. All five Search Engines are together in the same form to enable you to switch from one search engine to another easily without losing any basic Search Criteria already defined. If you decide that one of the other search engines would work better for your search, you can switch to it without exiting the form and without losing your settings for the Manufacturer, Product Category and Product Sub-Category. It's faster to use and easier to learn than ever.
  • Live Exploded Parts Views
    The Parts Wizard is well known for it's 'Point & Click' exploded parts views. When you click on a part, the part information is instantly displayed in the Part Details window.
    The Parts Wizard supports multiple named views making it easy to find the necessary parts in large or complex assemblies. The exploded parts views for such assemblies are broken up into several views. You can step through the views or select the name of the view from a drop-down list and go straight to it. There's no limit to the number of views that can exist for an assembly.
    If you are using the Parts Wizard integrated into DeepEnd, parts can be selected from the exploded parts view and immediately added to any open sales or purchase order transaction.
  • Extensive Part Number Cross Referencing
    The Parts Wizard has the most complete and extensive Part Number cross referencing available. With a single mouse click, you can find all suitable replacement parts and their numbers. You can also find all of the OEM assemblies that use a particular non-OEM part.
  • Tracks Part Number Changes
    More than one part number can be associated with a part location in the exploded parts view. This feature shows when more than one part can be used in a given location or when a part number was changed due to product redesign. Some manufacturers flag the this change by production date while others use serial numbers. The Parts Wizard contains notes detailing these part number changes that can be viewed when you click on a part.
  • Sub-Assemblies Handled with Ease
    The Parts Wizard currently supports an unlimited number of sub-assemblies for every primary assembly. Each sub-assembly can have multiple views just like the parent assembly and can also have an unlimited number of sub-assemblies.
  • Product Photographs
    The Parts Wizard includes pictures to make product identification easy. This is particularly valuable when a customer needs parts for a pump, for example, but doesn't know what kind of pump he has. By stepping through the pictures, your customer can pick the pump by recognition.

    And now, the Parts Wizard Library supports multiple pictures of each item. For example, some items may have changed slightly in appearance over the years. With multiple pictures, we can now add new pictures to the Library without removing the old ones.

  • Product Prices
    You can enter your selling prices for any product and have that information displayed for every lookup. If provided by the manufacturers, the Suggested Retail Price is included in the Library. You can choose to display or hide this price to suit your needs.
Key Features Summary Back to Top
  • Modeless user interface. No need to exit the current task to perform another
  • Powerful, flexible Search Engines
    • Search by Series & Model
    • Search by browsing Product Photographs
    • Search by Product Traits
    • Search by Keywords
    • Search by Custom Selection Criteria
    All together on the same form
  • Quick Find function for Part Number, Model, SKU, UPC Bar Code and Supplier Order Number
  • Live, Point-and-Click Exploded Parts Views with associated Parts List
  • Printed parts lists with or without the exploded parts view
  • "Used In..." feature finds all assemblies that contain a given part
  • Handles unlimited sub-assemblies for complex equipment such as automatic pool cleaners or heaters
  • Products are grouped into logical Categories
  • Extensive Part Cross-Referencing
  • Additional detailed information includes Product Features, Service Notes, Technical Data and and Key Product Traits
  • Printed Product Fact Sheet includes Photograph, Features and Technical Data and can be customized by including your own company logo
  • Product information can be copied to the Windows™ Clipboard for use with any other Windows application
  • Modifiable User Notes for each product
  • On-Line, context-sensitive Help
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