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Sales Leads
Features Summary
DeepEnd tracks Sales Leads separately from Customers so that your Customers file does not get loaded with people who are not actually customers.  You can prepare quotes, log telephone calls and send emails to Sales Leads just as you can with Customers.

This section describes the Sales Leads related functions in DeepEnd that help you to qualify your leads and keep in touch with them. Included are screen shots and descriptions of the key sales lead management features in DeepEnd.

  • Sales Leads Screen - Items of Interest
    You can define up to 10 different products or services that are of interest to your prospective customers. You can specify the level of interest in each item of interest for every sales lead and filter your list of leads according to their level of interest in one or more of these these items. 
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  • Sales Lead Sources
    You can keep track of the different ways in which people find out about your business (yellow pages, newspaper ads, etc.) and filter your list of leads by source.
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Key Features Summary Back to Top
  • Unlimited number of Sales Leads and Lead Sources
    Leads can be persons or companies
  • 10 User-definable fields the same as for Customers
  • 10 User-definable Products/Services of Interest and selectable Likelihood of Sale for each item of interest
  • Leads can be imported from Excel or Text files
  • Leads can be exported to Excel or Text files
  • Emails can be sent to Sales Leads
  • Quotes, documents and telephone calls can be linked to Sales Leads
  • A Sales Lead can be converted to a Customer with no loss of historical data
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