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User Security System
Features Summary
DeepEnd's built-in user security system gives you complete control over what each user can and cannot do. This enables you to decide how "open" or "locked down" you want DeepEnd to be.
  • Users and User Groups
    DeepEnd utilizes User Groups to simplify user administration. Each User is assigned to one or more User Groups and task-specific permissions can be set up for User Groups and individual Users.
    DeepEnd ships with the following User Groups pre-defined with default permissions already set up - Administrators, Managers, Cashiers, Technicians and Guests. You can also add as many additional User Groups as you wish along with unlimited Users.
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  • Secured Items
    DeepEnd contains a list of Secured Items which are features or tasks that may require restricted user access. The System Administrator can assign permissions to each task or feature for each User Group. Since each User can be a member of more than one Group, DeepEnd checks the permissions for all Groups of which the User is a member in determining the User's access level to the secured item.
    These permissions can also be fined-tuned on a per-user basis to enable exceptions to be made to the User's Group permissions. For each secured item, DeepEnd evaluates all of the applicable Group permissions and any user-specific exceptions and grants the least restrictive permission to the User.
  • Temporary User Overrides
    In cases where the logged in user does not have permission to perform a particular task, a temporary User Override may be used to enable the task to be completed. Examples include price overrides and customer credit limit overrides.
    When these secured items are encountered, a User Override dialog is displayed so that a user with sufficient permissions, such as a Manager, can enter their user name and password to enable the task to be completed. In all cases, this override affects only that particular task and all other user permissions remain unchanged.
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  • Cash Drawer Security (Point-of-Sale)
    DeepEnd automatically kicks the cash drawer open when POS transactions require it and the date and time of each cash drawer "kick" is logged along with the User ID of the logged in user.

    The cash drawer can also be opened via a "hot key" without a transaction taking place. DeepEnd always requires a valid User Name and Password to be entered each time the cash drawer is opened in this manner and logs this event as well.

    As a result, the cash drawer cannot be opened by the software without the event being logged. And a special log is kept for instances where the user opened the cash drawer explicitly with no transaction. This, combined with DeepEnd's unlimited periodic cash reconciliation feature, makes it much easier to track down cash drawer theft.


Key Features Summary Back to Top
  • Unlimited users and user groups
  • Users can be members of any number of user groups
  • Permissions for Secured Items can be set for user groups with optional user exceptions
  • Temporary user overrides for occasional tasks that require permissions higher than that assigned to the current user
  • Cash drawer security requires explicit user name and password entry to open the cash drawer
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