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Sales Order Entry
Features Summary
This form is used for entering sales where Point-of-Sale equipment is not used. Product Items, Labor Items and "Other" Items can all be added to a sale.
  • List Page
    This page is common to all multi-page data entry forms and is used to sort, search and navigate through the Order Entry Sales on file.
    The Sales List can be sorted and searched by Order Date, Invoice Number, Customer, Sales Person, Total Amount or Balance Owing.
    You can also set a special filter on this list by specifying selection criteria for any of the "user-friendly" fields in the Order Entry Sales file.
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  • Details Page
    This page contains the list of line items and other details about the sale including the customer name, address and payments terms. Here you also select the warehouse to take the inventory items from and shipping details such as the shipping method, ship date and freight charge.
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Key Features Summary Back to Top
  • Easy-to-use Order Entry interface
  • Alternate "Ship To" address capability
  • Individual Discount, Tax Code anmd Memo for each line item
  • Automatic Invoice Number assignment
  • Sales can include any combination of Product Items, Labor Items and "Other" Non-Product Items
  • Add-On-the-Fly capability for the customer, Line Items and other lookup codes
  • No limit to the number of payments made against a Sales Invoice
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