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Purchase Orders
Features Summary
DeepEnd provides tremendous capability in creating Purchase Orders and tracking the receiving of the shipments. With its powerful Purchase Order Generator and optional Parts Wizard integration, DeepEnd makes creating purchase orders easier than ever.
  • Powerful Purchase Order Generator
    This tool makes creating purchase orders a snap by gathering up all of the items that need to be purchased and creating "potential" purchase orders for the suppliers you specify.

    Scanning for Items to Order

    • Inventory Reorder Levels
      The inventory is scanned for items whose on-hand quantity has reached the minimum on-hand quantity for the current season. You have the option to scan all warehouses or just the Main warehouse.
    • Pending Service Jobs
      DeepEnd scans the pending service jobs and gets any items that have been added to the jobs and need to be ordered.
    • "To-be-Ordered" List
      This is an "ad-hoc" list to which you can add items at any time to indicate that you need to order them. This is useful for items that you do not normally stock (i.e. minimum on-hand quantity is zero).

    Supplier Selection
    • Explicitly selected Supplier
      One PO is created and all items are added to this single PO
    • Preferred Supplier
      The preferred supplier is selected for each item and a separate PO is created for each supplier identified as a preferred supplier of at least one item. The PO for each supplier will contain only those items for which that supplier is the preferred supplier.
    • Supplier with the Lowest Price
      The supplier with the lowest price for each item is selected and a separate PO is created for each supplier identified as the lowest priced supplier of at least one item. The PO for each supplier will contain only those items for which that supplier has the lowest price.
    • Several Suppliers
      A separate, complete PO is generated for each of several suppliers of your choosing with each PO containing all of the items to be ordered. This option is typically used to calculate the total cost for the entire PO for each supplier and quickly compare this total cost from one supplier to another.

    After the items and suppliers are selected, DeepEnd creates "dummy" purchase orders that you can review prior to committing them as "real" purchase orders. If you opt to use the Preferred Supplier or the Lowest Priced Supplier, there is a good chance that several dummy PO's will be generated. You can commit any or all of these PO's as you wish. If you choose Several Suppliers, you can only commit one of them.

    After a PO is committed and saved, it is immediately displayed in the Purchase Order Maintenance Form where you can make changes, if necessary. You can add and delete items and change the quantity of any item.
    You can even select a different suppplier and, unlike most programs that force you to start over from scratch, DeepEnd will search for every item in the newly selected supplier's catalog and update the purchase order with the new supplier's order number and price for each item.

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  • Automatic Catalog Order Number Validation
    When you create or modify a purchase order using the Purchase Order Maintenance Form, DeepEnd retrieves all of the items for which catalog order numbers exist in the database for the supplier to whom the PO is to be sent. DeepEnd then uses the items it found as a lookup table to automatically validate the order numbers you enter. This ensures that the order numbers you enter actually exist in the supplier's catalog.
  • Tracks Multiple/Partial Shipments
    DeepEnd enables you to receive orders fulfilled with more than one shipment and, for each shipment received, records the date, time, shipping method, waybill/tracking code and the user who entered the shipment. DeepEnd also tracks the quantity of each item received in each shipment and the cost shown on the invoice for each item in each each shipment. The cost does not need to be entered when the shipment is received although it can be in cases where the invoice accompanies the shipment.
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  • Calculates Gain/Loss on Price Fluctuation
    When a PO is created, DeepEnd records the cost that you have on file for each item for the selected supplier. Sometimes, you may find that the actual cost on your invoice is different than the price you had on file.
    When receiving the goods, DeepEnd automatically calculates and displays the difference between these costs (if any) and uses the actual cost to update your cost and weighted average cost for each item. This feature is also handy for discovering errors.
  • Add Items to PO via Parts Wizard Lookups
    With the optional Parts Wizard component enabled, items from any lookup, including parts explosions, can be added directly to any purchase order that is open for editting. If the selected item does not have a catalog order number for the supplier to whom the PO is to be sent, the order number can be added on the fly. And, since you can have several Purchase Order Maintenance Forms open at the same time, a popup shortcut menu is displayed for you to select the target PO.

Key Features Summary Back to Top
  • Notification and reporting of missing Catalog Order Numbers for items to be
  • Powerful, flexible Purchase Order Generator
    • Finds items to order from inventory reorder points as well as the ad-hoc "To-be-Ordered" List
    • Uses the Preferred Supplier, Lowest Price Supplier or explicitly selected Supplier
    • Provides a listing of items that are missing Catalog Order Numbers for the selected Supplier
    • Displays "potential" purchase orders for verification before you save them as an actual purchase orders
    • Great tool for "cherry picking" prices.
  • Automatic Catalog Order Number Verification
  • Tracks Multiple/Partial Shipments
  • Calculates Gain/Loss on Price Fluctuation
  • Add Items to PO via Parts Wizard Lookups
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