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Inventory Control
DeepEnd boasts one of the most extensive Inventory Control Systems available in its price range. It supports multiple warehouses and tracks the transfer of items between warehouses giving you the ability to define each service truck as a warehouse and know what should be in each truck at any given time.

All of the "standard" inventory control features that you would expect to see are included. When combined with DeepEnd's User Security System, these features provide solid, yet flexible, control over your inventory.

General Overview
This section outlines the general inventory control features found in DeepEnd and describes their benefits.
Inventory Items Data Entry Form
This data entry form is used for entering and maintaining information about the items you sell. The information is extensive and logically grouped into separate pages.
Multi-Warehouse Features
DeepEnd provides the ability to maintain several inventory "warehouses" and tracks the flow of items between warehouses. This is specifically designed for businesses that have a store and 1 or more service trucks.
Serialized Items
DeepEnd enables you to track Serialized Items from the time you receive them into inventory until they are sold to the customer. This is valuable in cases where there are manufacturer quality issues or if items are stolen.
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