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Point of Sale
Features Summary
DeepEnd's optional Point of Sale program works with the Core Service program and employs the same general interface design. It is intended to replace a conventional cash register while providing real-time database transactions for sales tracking and inventory control.
  • Designed as a Separate Program
    The POS Module has been deliberately designed as a separate EXE file without the back office functions found in the Core Module. This enables you to set up a workstation specifically for POS activities only, typically for security reasons. If you wish to have the back office features available at the POS station, you can simply install the Core Module on the workstation as well.
  • Eye-Pleasing Sales Entry Screen
    The Sales Entry Screen is the most used part of the POS Module and is designed to be "easy on the eyes". Its color scheme provides excellent contrast in virtually any lighting condition with maximum readabilty and minimum eye strain.

    Other features include...

    • Customer name, address, account limit and account balance is displayed on the screen.
    • Extensive use of clearly labeled hot keys so that the screen can be used without a mouse.
    • Supports both keyboard entry and bar code scanning as well as product lookups.
    • Price and Discount override available.
    • Auto Mode (for bar code scanning) and Manual Mode (for exceptions)
      In Auto Mode, scanning the same item more than once increments the quantity rather than adding another detail line item.
      In Manual Mode, scanning the same item more than once adds another detail line item, enabling you to add the same item more than once with a different price for each instance.
    • Automatic price recalculation when quantity is changed
      Supports quantity price breaks as well as net quantity pricing such as "$10 each or 3 for $25". In either case, the quantity price is retrieved when the price break is reached.
    • Sale can be placed on hold and resumed later
    • Supports layaways.
    • Gift Certificates sold are specially recorded so that they can be tracked until fully redeemed.
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  • Integrated Credit Card & Debit Processing
    Improve productivity and accuracy with DeepEnd's integrated payment processing for Credit Card and Debit payments.
    X-Charge is fully compliant with all PA-DSS standards for cardholder data security thereby providing peace of mind for you and your customers.

    Customer credit card information can be securely stored on the X-Charge gateway for future payments where the credit card may not be physically present. This is particularly beneficial for service work where face-to-face interaction with the customer may be logistically inconvenient.
X-Charge Payment Card Processing


To view the complete DeepEnd X-Charge implementation guide,
click here.

  • Multi-Tender Processing
    Any combination of the following forms of tender can be accepted for the same sales transaction...
    • Cash
    • Check
    • Credit Card
    • Debit
    • Gift Certificates
    • Coupons

    You can flag high-risk customers so that the cashier is warned to not accept a check for payment.
    Change can be given in the form of cash or as a credit on the customer's account.
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  • Large "Change Due" Screen
    The "Change Due" screen (displayed after payment is tendered) features extra large numbers to reduce the likelihood of incorrect change being given due to difficulty reading the amount.
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  • Layaways
    DeepEnd provides the ability to put items on layaway and tracks the layaway payments until the item is paid for. Items can be assigned a tag number for easy identification.
    DeepEnd also gives you the option to impose a due date and charge a cancellation fee if the layaway is cancelled.
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  • Cash Drawer Adjustments
    The following adjustments to the cash drawer contents can be made...
    • Add Cash
    • Remove Cash
    • Cash a Check
    • Remove Non-Cash Items
      • Checks
      • Debit Slips
      • Credit Card Slips
      • Gift Certificates
      • Coupons
    • Cash Payout

    Each adjustment is logged with the date, time, user and reason for the adjustment.
    If a reason is not entered, the adjustment cannot be saved and the cash drawer will not open.
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  • Cash Drawer Reconciliation
    DeepEnd provides the ability to reconcile the cash drawer contents as often as you wish throughout the day without closing out. This can be extremely beneficial if you need to pin point cash theft and also acts as a deterrent to cash theft. DeepEnd records the amount of each form of tender used for every sale and refund and keeps a running tally of what should be in the drawer. Reconciling the contents is a simple matter of counting the cash and checking off the non-cash items on the check lists provided. The Cash Drawer Reconciliation Summary then displays any discrepancies in the counts.

    Cash reconciliation is particularly easy. All you need to do is count the number of pieces of each denomination of currency (coin & bills) and DeepEnd calculates the total cash on hand for you.

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  • Sales Returns
    The Sales Returns screen is basically the same as the Sales Entry screen but has a different color scheme so that there is no confusion between to two screens.
    If the Invoice Number for the sale from which items are being returned is entered, items entered are validated against the items in that invoice to assure accurate returns.
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  • Accepts Invoice Payments
    Payments for existing customer invoices can be accepted at the POS station with the same forms of tender accepted as for sales except for Gift Certificates and Coupons. A single payment can also be applied to more than one invoice. Details of the payment are stored in the customer/invoice payment history.
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  • Create & Track Your Own Coupons
    If you put coupons in newspapers, flyers, newsletters, etc., you can enter the details of the coupons and DeepEnd will honor those coupons as tender and track their usage. You can define the value of each coupon as well as the time period during which each the coupon is valid.
    You can also specify if a coupon is your own offering or if it was provided by a manufacturer or other source so that the amount is posted to the correct QuickBooks account (QuickBooks Link required).
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  • POS Hardware Support
    DeepEnd POS supports the following POS hardware...
    • Cash Drawer
      Most cash drawers are triggered in the same manner so most brands should work. If the cash drawer is attached to the receipt printer, it must be compatible with that make of printer and the correct cable must be used to connect the cash drawer to the printer.

    • Receipt Printer
      • Citizen iDP3546
      • Epson TM-88III, IV & V
      • Epson TM-U220
      • Epson TM-U325
      • Epson TM-U375
      • Star SP220
      • PosLab TP-260
    • Pole Display
      • Champion DSP853
      • Epson DM-D110
      • Partner Tech CD5220
      • Logic Controls PD3000

      DeepEnd pole display messages are formatted specifically for displays having 2 Lines x 20 Characters. Pass-through configurations are not yet supported - the pole display must have it's own dedicated serial port. You can also define your own, "Welcome" and "Station Closed" messages.

    • Bar Code Scanner
      Virtually any bar code scanner (laser or CCD) with a USB or keyboard wedge interface should work.

    If you already have invested in your POS hardware, we can work with you to try to make use of your existing hardware. DeepEnd is designed to be able to be quickly modified to accommodate hardware devices not listed above. Please contact us to discuss your particular hardware.



Key Features Summary Back to Top
  • Eye-Pleasing, Easy-to-Use Sales Entry Screen
    • Auto and Manual Modes with easy switching
    • Supports multiple distinct item types
      • Product
      • Labor
      • Other
      • Gift Certificate
    • Supports "Each" quantity price breaks as well as "Net" quantity pricing such as "$10 each or 3 for $25"
  • Secure integrated Credit Card and Debit processing
  • Multi-Tender Processing
  • Large, Easy-to-Read "Change Due" Screen
  • Handles layaways with optional cancellation fee
  • Account invoice payments can be received at POS
  • Supports basic POS hardware with user-definable pole display messages
  • Real-time inventory control
  • Easy cash drawer reconciliation without the need to close out
  • Automatic customer alerts at the beginning of each sale
  • User-definable pole display messages
  • Customers and Items can be added on-the-fly
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