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Features Summary
DeepEnd provides a direct database link to the QuickBooks company file giving you a truly integrated application. When sales and purchasing transactions or inventory adjustments are saved, the transactions are posted immediately to the QuickBooks General Journal.
In a nutshell, QuickBooks is used for Accounts Payable, Payroll and Financials. DeepEnd looks after the Pool/Spa-specific information and all other functions.
  • Customer Management
    All of your customer information is handled completely by DeepEnd. No customers are entered into QuickBooks.
  • Customer Invoicing
    DeepEnd creates all customer invoices and posts them to the QuickBooks General Journal. Accordingly, all customer payments are entered using DeepEnd and DeepEnd posts those payments to the QuickBooks General Journal.
  • Inventory Control
    DeepEnd looks after all Inventory Control. No inventory items are entered in QuickBooks. Inventory adjustments made in DeepEnd are posted to the QuickBooks General Journal as an Inventory Gain/Loss. The same thing happens when you periodically count your inventory and record differences between the system on-hand quantity and the actual on-hand quantity.
  • Vendors
    Each pool/spa-specific vendor you buy from must be entered as a Supplier in DeepEnd and also as a Vendor in QuickBooks. You then create a link between the DeepEnd Supplier record and the QuickBooks Vendor record so that purchase orders created in DeepEnd will be associated with the correct QuickBooks Vendor.
    All non-pool/spa-specific vendors, such as the electric company, telephone company, insurance company, etc. are entered in QuickBooks only - not in DeepEnd.
  • Purchasing
    All accounts payable for all vendors (pool/spa and non-pool/spa) are managed by QuickBooks. However, because DeepEnd manages the Inventory Control, DeepEnd is used to create Purchase Orders for pool/spa-specific suppliers and is also used to receive the goods into inventory when the purchase orders are received.
    Purchase Orders created by DeepEnd are posted to QuickBooks as Vendor Bills. QuickBooks is used to track these Vendor Bills and all other purchases through its Accounts Payable module.

Key Features Summary Back to Top
  • Direct, real-time database link
  • No cumbersome import/export routine required
  • Posts sales, purchasing and inventory transactions to the QuickBooks General Journal
  • Works with QuickBooks running or not
  • Multi-user network ready.
  • QuickBooks Manages...
    • Accounts Payable and Checking
    • Financials and Banking
    • Payroll
  • DeepEnd Manages...
    • Everything Else...

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