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Service Module
Features Summary
DeepEnd's Service Module enables you to track each Service Job from start to finish while maintaining the distinction between the Job Site and the Customer. All service history is related to the Job Site and all billing history is related to the Customer. And with the Customer being related to the Job Site(s), DeepEnd ties all the information together in an easy-to-follow user interface.

You can easily keep track of the work that is performed, the equipment items serviced, the parts & labor required and the resources (Techicians and Equipment) required for each job. Large or complex jobs can be broken up into more than one Phase and, optionally, billed on a per phase basis. DeepEnd also utilizes a sophisticated sales tax scheme to handle out-of-State jobs where the tax rate may differ from your home State.

At the heart of the Service Module is the Service Job Data Entry form which provides a single point for managing all aspects of the job. This form is described in detail below.

  • List Page
    This page is common to all multi-page data entry forms and is used to sort, search and navigate through the Service Jobs on file.
    The Jobs List can be sorted and searched by Job Number, Start Date, Customer, Street, City or Status.
    You can also set a special filter on this list by specifying selection criteria for any of the "user-friendly" fields in the Service Jobs file.
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  • General Info Page
    This page contains the Customer and Job Site information as well as general information about the job. The Job Description and Reason for Job can be selected from picklists for easy, consistent data entry.
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  • Service Details Page
    Each new job, by default, is create one Phase and you can add as many additional phases as you wish. The multi-tabbed page frame on this page contains details about the currently selected Phase. Stepping through the phases with the arrow buttons causes these phase details to be refreshed for the current phase.
    Each phase is assigned a Job Type and Description which can be chosen from a picklist and is treated like a "job within a job".
  • Service Details Page - Service Calls
    This is where you enter the appointments for the job. Some jobs require more than one visit to the job site (for example, one for assessment and estimating and one for the actual repair) so DeepEnd allows an unlimited number of appointments for each job with an unlimited number of Technicians and Trucks for each appointment.

    Travel Charges are calculated for you using the parameters you enter and, if the optional QuickBooks Link is used, these charges are posted to the designated "Travel Fees" income account.

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  • Service Details Page - Equipment Serviced
    If the job phase involves repairing a piece of equipment, such as a pump or heater, that equipment can be specified on this page by simply selecting it from the Job Site Equipment List. If the repair is taking place at your shop rather than on-site, you can enter the Claim Tag Number given to the customer, if used.

    For each Product Category that you designate as an Equipment Item in the Product Categories form, you can define Diagnostic Observations that you want your technicians to check during service. If any Diagnostic Observations are defined for the product category of the equipment serviced, those diagnostic names are displayed on this page along with fields where you can type in the Before and After values.

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  • Service Details Page - Parts & Labor
    As the name implies, this page is where you enter the Parts & Labor for the phase. Ultimately, these details in this list become line items in the Invoice.
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  • Service Details Page - Water Analysis
    You can enter Water Analysis results here in cases where water testing is done on-site, say, during routine service. All of the most common tests are covered.

    There is also a separate data entry form which contains exactly the same information used specifically for tracking all water analysis from all sources.

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  • Service Details Page - Work Orders
    In DeepEnd, the term "Work Order" refers to the actual physical worksheet given to the technician. Therefore, there is always a separate Work Order for each visit to the job site.
    DeepEnd utilizes completely customizeable templates for printing Work Orders. These templates are RTF (Rich Text Format) documents that can be editted with any popular word processor. These templates employ "tags" that are placeholders for pieces of information retrieved from the database such as customer info, job site info or installed equipment info. Additionally, work order templates are are associated with Job Types you define so that each different job type can have its own specific work order. This strategy provides highly dynamic, data-driven work orders that contain only that information which pertains to the work being performed.
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  • Service Details Page - Billing
    Jobs can be billed either on a "per-Phase" basis or on a "per-Job" basis. The Invoice is created directly from this data entry form and payments can be made from here as well.
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Key Features Summary Back to Top
  • User-definable Job Types with customizable Work Order print forms
  • User-definable Questions & Answers for each Job Type with answers printed on work orders
  • Multi-Phase capability for jobs requiring periodic billing or where re-work is required
  • Jobs can be created from quotes
  • Jobs can be created from Templates for recurring work having parts, labor and instructions already entered, but still changeable
  • Continuous Job Status tracking
  • Job-related Water Analysis tracking
  • Unlimited number of pictures can be linked to any job
  • Drag & drop graphical Service Calendar with time blocks color coded by Job Type, GeoZone, Priority or Invoice Status
  • Multi-jurisdiction sales tax handling for out-of-state jobs
  • Customer credit card data can be securely stored to enable invoice payment without the customer present
  • Quick Find job by Job Number, Work Order Number or Invoice Number
  • Work Orders can be printed individually or in batches
  • Work order printouts can contain installed equipment information
  • Work performed can be transferred to the invoice memo
  • Unlimited deposits per job
  • Integrated Microsoft MapPoint optimizes service routes
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