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Customers & Job Sites
Unlike most other billing and accounting software, DeepEnd makes a clear distinction between a Customer and a Job Site because they truly are separate, yet related, entities. It makes sense that service work be associated with the Job Site while sales & billing be associated with the Customer. DeepEnd achieves this nicely and, since properties having swimming pools change ownership from time to time, it keeps track of what customer owned or rented a job site at each point in the service history.
In additional to general customer information, DeepEnd tracks and displays account information including Sales, Billing and Payment history.  Other historical data includes Telephone Calls, Emails, Related Documents and Water Sample data.
Included in this section are screen shots of the Customers Data Entry screen and a summary listing of the customer management features in DeepEnd.
Job Sites
Any information pertaining to the Pool, Spa or Installed Equipment is tied to the Job Site (physical customer location).
This section describes the information that DeepEnd tracks for each Job Site. Included are screen shots of the Job Site Data Entry form and a summary listing of the job site management features in DeepEnd.
Sales Leads
DeepEnd keeps Sales Leads separate from Customers until such time as you decide that a Lead has actually become a Customer.
This section describes the features available for managing Sales Leads and converting Leads to Customers.
Water Test Software Integration
Entering data twice wastes time and energy and runs the risk of making mistakes.  DeepEnd can synchronize its customer file with Bioguard's Alex and Lamotte's DataMate 10 databases to eliminate the need for duplicating manual data entry.
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